Happy new year 2020!


Well 2019 has been an interesting, complicated, long suffering and a year to test the inner resolve.  Hopefully 2020 will be rewarding and full of gifts.  To a year of fullness after the year of famine.  Some years can be hard but then just like the harvest and full crop with be burgeoning with fullness and largeness of life. Many projects are underway with exiting new directions for the firm.  There are 3 strands to the business, first of all there is the therapy section, second, education and consultancy and finally corporate enterprises.  Being resilient is not an easy task but then fear is always present when we take the courageous step forward. Its important to not mull over the past but get up and rub the dust of your knees deciding to take the journey into something that cannot be planned or control as you have your path already mapped out, just trust who you are and it will work out better than you controlled for!  From all here at the firm, we wish you a prosperous and healthy new year!

From Matt (Head partner) and team x