The Mary-Beatrice Foundation Prize Award

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Mary-Beatrice was a well liked woman, mother and friend but she married the wrong man. At a time when divorce was shameful and men controlled the finances she reluctantly stayed married until her death in 2008. She never went to university but her son did and he was the first to attend University and achieve a 2:1 with honours. He became an author, academic and associate professor in a university.
Life started well for Mary-Beatrice who fell in love with a wonderful man or so it appeared. Life changed soon into the marriage and she gave birth to 2 daughters hoping that her husband would be more gentle. He was gentle to the girls but not to her. And when her son was born he too felt the pain of domestic violence along with his mother.
The cost of domestic violence is huge and is a lonely affair with life reducing to nothingness for Mary – Beatrice. No one apart from the son, nurse and 2 others attended the funeral.  Everyone else believed the lies her husband had shared and so did not attend to say farewell to a hard working, beautiful, warm, beaten, depressed, sociable, engaging, radiant, uplifting woman.

The reason behind the award is to help one person to make a change.  Life may start badly but it can end much better.  University qualifications can help change lives because it increases your chances of employability, network of friends, opportunities and an better outlook in life.  Transferring skills from the degree into the workplace.  So if you want to rise to the challenge and meet the criteria for application then apply today

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The Mary-Beatrice Foundation prize award
The amount is £5000. The deadline date for applications is January 31st 2020 and there is only one award prize per year. The criteria for application is that you are the first in your family to be accepted to a UK university. That you experienced or witnessed domestic violence within your home and that you have published a journal article in a peer reviewed journal. So for example if you want to be an engineer then publish an engineering journal article or a nurse then publish a nursing – health related article.  You have to have completed your first year at university and publish your journal article before the final year at university is completed. When declaring funding for the journal article please state : The Mary-Beatrice Foundation Fund as the awarding prize body.

Summary for application: Please submit your full CV along with a supporting statement as to why the prize should be allocated to you (500 words minimum). Also submit the published journal article and interim university transcript. Send all documents to

The winning candidate will be notified before April 30th 2020 and the funds released within 4 weeks.