Graduation Souvenir welcome and congratulatory note for CIRP and Coventry University graduating students by Matt Broadway-Horner, the Head of School of Health Sciences

Congratulations on graduating from the Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology. The graduation ceremony is an opportunity for you to celebrate years of hard work alongside fellow members of the CIRP community. Many have entered the doors here at CIRP since its inception and you join them now as a graduate of excellence. It is my hope that with your deserved award from CIRP and our partner Coventry University that you meet the challenges of the age and take on the responsibility to protect those marginalised in society. Education grants you an opportunity to protect, take care and aid the journey of the invisible citizens to become visible citizens in this great country. Citizens like those who are mentally ill, have a learning disability, transgendered and the Vedda all need our help.


As a member of the CIRP and Coventry university alumni you are an essential part of the CIRP and Coventry University community as you continue to forge links with your talent growing, into the best that you can be for a bigger and brighter future

achievement cap celebration ceremony
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I wish you all best for your graduation and prosperity for the future. We look forward to a continued and long relationship with you. And my hope is that we all will celebrate the best that CIRP can offer in bringing about a tolerate, accepting, permissive and inclusive society.