The best place in Sri Lanka to train in Clinical Psychology

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The best place in Sri Lanka to train as a Clinical Psychologist is Colombo University. The course was created by Professors at Kings college and UEL in 2004. They were the first along with Palma De Silva to bring psychology to Lanka. The course is MPhil Clinical Psychology and when completed you can register with the SLMC  The training has a placement system in place where you will get patient contact and continuos training in the ways of clinical psychology. For diplomas and undergraduate qualifications in psychology there are very good online distance learning programs via University of East London, King’s College, London and for a conversion course then University of Derby and Robert Gordon University. They are run to UK guidelines and excellent teaching. They have well run administrations and will not mess you around unlike private institutions in Sri Lanka who have massive problems with administration and delaying students marks release because of incompetently run exam boards. you deserve the best so think Colombo University!!