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Welcome to Broadway-Horner Consultancy! And STOP Mustabating! The head partner welcomes you and hopes you will interact with us on the blog.  Feel free to leave comments about William James – Founder of Functionalism, the Fore Runner to Cognitive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology and possibly Positive Psychology or Carl Rogers: Humanism essential in a time of 2 World Wars creating such trauma or The unsung hero – Hugo Munsterberg (1863-1916) and share the blog items on your social media.  The consultancy members are experienced people in the field of wellness and wellbeing, coming from a variety of backgrounds and even tackle controversy with topics like The Changing Tide of LGBTI in Psychology and Psychiatry.  All have 15 years plus experience so there is no one here who has just graduated who will be heading or leading your project.  Experience Sleeping Your Way To Success! is key and will be a great advantage to use throughout the timeline. Remember we are here and if you wish to have a personal chat with Matt then drop him an email by using the contact form

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